ABOUT commercial industries

Commercial Industries stands as one of the leaders in the field of commercial lighting. Starting as a small company operating locally, we quickly grew to a nationally recognized name, expanding our services to provide lighting solutions to people coast to coast. Our success can be directly contributed to the way we conduct ourselves professionally. We instill a sense of community in our customer service representatives and encourage them to treat each customer as their neighbor. We want to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to do business with us.

We have expanded our catalog of light bulbs to include a wide enough range of items to cover every lighting need. These include electrical ballasts, fluorescent light bulbs of any size, compact fluorescent bulbs of any shape, halogen lamps for any wattage, incandescent lights for any room, and a number of specialty bulbs just in case you do not fit in to one of these categories. Commercial Industries is ready to handle any lighting situation you could have.

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